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Welcome to SSCResultBD.Xyz! It is the Portal where Bangladeshi users can check their SSC Result 2021 of all years including the Recent Result. Many users are looking for the process of SSC Exam result 2021 and the Marksheet Download process of the Result. The SSC candidates of Bangladesh, who have attended the SSC Exam of this year, can get their results very fast while it will be published.

Secondary School Certificate Exam Result of all Secondary schools will be released as the Individual and Institution category. Institution Result is for the Institute that wants to download the whole Institute Result at the same time. The individual Result system is for the SSC Candidates who want to check their Results. Guardians and other relatives also check the Result Individually.

SSC Result 2021
SSC Result

SSC Result 2021 – SSCResultBD.Xyz

SSCResultBD.Xyz is a Website where anyone can Check/Download their SSC Result 2021 of Bangladesh and also other years. It is the unofficial Website of Educational Board Bangladesh where the users of Bangladesh can check the Result of All Education Boards. If you want to know more about us, you can visit our about us page and know more about us. We are very happy to see your interest to know about us.

SSC Exam 2021 in Bangladesh

SSC Exam 2021 in Bangladesh has started early in February 2021 and was completed in the same month. All of the candidates of SSC under all Education boards are now waiting to check their Results. Every year SSC Exam starts in February and completes within February. Several times, it was completed in March 2019 due to an additional Holiday or another issue. Last 2 years, SSC Result has published on 31 May 2021. This year’s Result will also publish on a similar date to last year.

When will the SSC Result 2021 Publish?

Do you know, when will the SSC result Publish in Bangladesh? This is one of the most important questions of the Day. Till now, there is no official Date available for the SSC Exam Result 2021. Generally, All Public Exam Results in Bangladesh Publishes with 90 days of the exam started. Basically, the Exam Result publishes within 60 days after completing the Exam.

As an SSC Examinee, You know your exam finish date. So, Count 60 Days from the Exam finished the day and find out the probable date for Publishing SSC Result 2021 by the Education Board Bangladesh. Once the Authority will announce the Result Date, you will get the News on this Content. So, Bookmark this Website to know everything about the SSC Exam Result. You can also check your Result quickly from this Portal.

SSC Result 2021 Kobe Dibe?

Everyone can Check Their SSC Result 2021 Fast from Various Ways if he or she has better Experience and Clear Concept about the Result Checker Method. It is very important to know more and Exact information about any Important and necessary topic. So, we hope that the SSC Exam Result Check Method is very important for all the SSC candidates 2021 under all Education Board. If you want, follow our Proper guidelines about the SSC Exam Result 2021 Fast Check Method from the below and Check Fast your SSC Result 2021 Education Board Bangladesh.


How to Check SSC Result Marksheet Online?

Online is one of the most popular processes to check any Result. In Bangladesh, All public exam result publishes the result online. Additionally, the authority also publishes the result on the alternative process. The SSC Examinee 2021 Can Check their SSC Exam Result 2021 from the Internet (Online). There are too many Online Methods are available to check public Exam results in Bangladesh. You can follow anyone or more reason to check your result. You can visit the Education Board Online Result Archive to Check Your SSC Result 2021 fast.

After Visiting the Education Board Website, Select Education Category, Select Board Name, Enter your SSC Roll Number, Registration Number, Select SSC passing Year, and then Click on the Submit Button. After Successful submitting, you will receive your SSC Result on the Screen.  You can check another Result by clicking on the Search Again or Reset button. Then, you can check another Result with different Roll Numbers.

The Specific Education Board Website also provides the Board Wise result which will provide you the easy options. Anyone can visit their Education Board Official Website to check the SSC Exam Result 2021 very fast and free.

SSC Result 2021  education board results in gov bd:

This is the Official Website of the Education Board Bangladesh. This Server will publish the Result Immediately at the selected times. What is the Official Website of Education Board Results? www education board results gov bd is the Official Website. In this Server, all education board JSC, SSC, and HSC results are published and stored. All Board, all year Result can check through this Website.

Once the SSC Exam Result of this year will publish, you need to follow the below steps. Then, you will get your Result quickly. The necessary information is SSC Board Name, Roll Number, Registration Number, and Common item is Year (2021).

    1. Visit www education board results in gov bd
    2. Select the Exam Name (SSC/Dakhil) or SSC Vocation for Technical Board Result
    3. Now, Select the SSC Exam year (2021)
    4. Roll: Type your SSC Roll Number in the box
    5. Registration: Type the SSC Registration Number
    6. Human Verification: Type the Answer of the Math
    7. Click on the Submit button and get your Result on the Screen

How to Check SSC Result 2021 by SMS?

A large Number of People don’t have any device with an Internet connection. They can check their SSC Exam result with their own mobile phone. Teletalk Bangladesh limited maintenance of the Education System Bangladesh with SMS. The SMS Server of Bangladesh Education is 16222.  All Mobile Operator Numbers can use to check the Public exam Result by SMS. So, you can use Your Own usable Mobile Number for Checking SSC Result 2021 with SMS under the Education Board Bangladesh.

You need to have sufficient Balance in Your Mobile Account to send a message for Checking SSC Result 2021. If you don’t have enough Balance now, Please Recharge your Account from the Nearest Recharge Point. Then, open your Handset Message option and Type,

SSC <space> Board <space> Roll Number <space> 2021

Send the Message to 16222. Example: SSC BAR 123456 2021 to 16222. Here, 123456 is your Example Roll Number. After Successful sending, you will receive an SMS from 16222. Mobile SMS Charge is 2.44 TK for every SMS.

All Education Board First Three Letters for SMS based Result check 2021:

Here are the First Three Letters of the Education Board Name. When you will send a message to check the SSC Exam result, then you need the first three letters of your education board name. So, we have added all board First three letters here which are important for the users.

Education Board Name First Three Letters
Dhaka Education Board DHA
Chittagong Education Board CHI
Comilla Education Board COM
Barisal Education Board BAR
Jessore Education Board JES
Rajshahi Education Board RAJ
Sylhet Education Board SYL
Dinajpur Education Board DIN
Madrasah Education Board MAD
Technical Education Board TEC

SSC Result 2021 Check Mobile Apps:

The Android Mobile users can check Their SSC Exam Result 2021 Education Board Bangladesh with their Own Mobile Apps. Do you have the BD Result Android Apps on your device? If yes! You are Now Eligible to check Your Result from the Education Board Bangladesh in very fast and easy ways. Just Open the Apps before 5 Minutes of Publishing the SSC Exam Result 2021 Under The Education Board Bangladesh.

Then, Wait for the exact Time (1:30 PM) when will be the Result will publish officially. Then, reload the page and now Select Education type as SSC/Dakhil and then Select Education Board Name. If you don’t have the Android Apps of BD Results Official (Powered By Teletalk) in your Device, You can now download it from the Internet or install it directly from Google Play Store.

SSC Result 2021 Mobile App Download:

You can Easily Download the BD Result Mobile Apps from the Internet for Free. Anyone can download the Apk Files of the Software for Any Android Smartphone. First, Visit the Google Search Engine and type “BD Results Apps” on the Search Box and Press Enter or Click on the Search Button. Then, you will show too many Search Results on the Browser. The 1st Page of the Search Result will contain 10 Results. Just Visit two or More Websites and Download the BD Results Mobile Apps for Free. Now Install The Apps on your Device. After Successful Installing, you are eligible to check your Result via this App.

SSC Result 2021 Update Apps Install from Google Play Store:

The Internet users of Smartphone users who feel Free to Install the Update Version of Software from the Google Play Store can download the Education Board Result Android Apps BD Powered by Teletalk from the Google Play Store easily. First, Sign in to your Google Play Store with your Gmail Account. Then, Search the Apps with the Exact Keyword and click on the Install Button. Then, the Software (App) will automatically Install it into your Device.

Then, follow the same ways to check the SSC Result 2021 with Android Mobile Apps. As per the last update on 29 April 2021, BD Results Official Android App isn’t available in Google Play Store right now. So, you need to collect the App from other persons or Websites.

How to check SSC Result 2021 by EIIN?

Institute Wise SSC Result is known as the Result by EIIN. The Head of the Institute or the other teachers can download their Institute SSC Result 2021 easily by Entering the Institute Code (EIIN Number). The Education Board Bangladesh Already made this feature and the Specific Education Board Bangladesh has also added this feature on their website so that the visitors can check their results easily. If you want to download the Full result List of Your institute, follow the rules of Checking SSC Result 2021 with EIIN and try again.

If you are ready to download the Institution Result, You need to follow the below steps. Here all the steps are available. If you follow these steps, your Result will be visible on the screen.

SSC Result 2021 Dhaka Board

If you are an SSC Examinee under the Dhaka Board, You can Easily Check Your Result from The Dhaka Board’s official Website. Just Visit the Dhaka Board Website and Click on the Result Menu where the SSC Result 2021 will available on the days when the Result will Publish.

You can also visit the Education Board Bangladesh Official Result Archive to Check Your Dhaka Board SSC Result 2021. Just follow the rules we already have provided above in the Part of SSC Result Check Online.

To Check Your Dhaka Board Result by the Mobile SMS, Just go to the Message option and type SSC <space> DHA <space> SSC Roll <space> 2021. Then, send the Message to 16222 from any Mobile Number. After sending the Message to 16222 successfully, you will be eligible to check your Result very fast. Sometimes the incoming SMS takes numerous times to reach.

SSC Result 2021 Chittagong Board:

According to the SSC Result 2021, we are here to inform you about the Chittagong Board SSC Result 2021 fastest Check Methods. There are various ways available to check the SSC Exam Result 2021 under the Chittagong Board. The Examine or Other people who want to check their Result, They Can Easily Visit the Official Website or the Education Board Result Archive (EducationBoardResults.Gov.BD).

After Visiting the Chittagong Board Website, Click on the Result Menu and then Click Individual result. Then Enter the Roll Number in the Roll Number Blank box and then Click on the Submit Button. The People who have visited the Education Board Result Archive, need to follow the Data of the SSC Result 2021 Check Online Part of this Content.

You can also check your Result from your Mobile Phone by Sending an SMS. Just go to The Message option and Type, SSC <space> CHI <space> SSC Roll <space> 2021. Then, Send the Message to 16222. While you will bend the Message, The System will Charge You BDT 2 and Additional Charges for sending the Message. Then, you will receive the Result from an Incoming Message from 16222. Please Send the Message after publishing the Result by Education Board Bangladesh.

SSC Result 2021 Comilla Board:

To check the Comilla Board SSC Result 2021 from Mobile SMS, Just Recharge Your Mobile Account and keep a Sufficient Balance to Check Your Result. Then, Go to The Message option and type, SSC <space> COM <space> SSC Roll <space> 2021. After typing, Send the Message to 16222 from any Operator Number. 2 TK Charge Applied to Check Result by Mobile SMS.

You are also eligible to check your Comilla Board SSC Result from the Official Website of the Comilla Board. Just Visit the Comilla Board Website and then click on the Result tab from the Top Menu. Then, follow the Instruction to check your SSC Exam Result 2021.

The Comilla Education Board and all other Education Board Examinee can Check Their Result from the Education Board BD Result Archive. Just Visit to check your Comilla board and other Board SSC Result and all Other Exam Result.

SSC Result 2021 Jessore Board:

Jessore Board SSC Examinee can check their SSC Result 2021 from the Jessore Board Official Website, or from the Education Board Bangladesh Result Page or Directly from the Teletalk Mobile SMS. Methods may you like to Check Your Result? We will provide you with all the ways to complete Data for Checking your Result.

To check the Result by SMS, You Need to Send an SMS to 16222 with valid info. The SMS Format is SSC <space> JES <space> SSC Roll <space> 2021. While you will send the message, an SMS will receive in your Number with your Result (GPA Only). If you want to check your complete result, send the Message again after 6 PM.

The best ways are to check Your Result from the Education Board Bangladesh Official Result Archive. It will provide you with extra pleasure by saving Time and Money. You can try it first for checking your SSC Exam Result 2021 Jessore Board.

SSC Result 2021 Barisal Board:

While you will be going to check your Barisal Board SSC Result 2021, you may face confusion that which method is the best for Checking my Result. Don’t worry! All the Ways are very easy and a simple process requires completing for Checking the Result. The Examine who has an Internet Device, They Can Easily Visit EducationBoardResults.Gov.BD to Check Their Result. If you don’t have the Device, there are other ways are available for Checking the Barisal Board SSC Exam Result 2021.

If you don’t have any Internet Device or Smartphone, Check Your Result by the Mobile SMS System. Any Mobile Phone and Any Operator number are qualified to check the SSC Result 2021 Barisal Education Board. Go to the Message option and Type, SSC <space> BAR <space> SSC Roll <space> 2019 to 16222. 2.44 TK will be charged and you will be Receiving Your Result soon.

SSC Result 2021 Dinajpur Board:

To Check the Dinajpur Board SSC Result 2021, just visit the Dinajpur Board or the Education Board Result Portal. Both systems are very easy and simple. You can follow anyone’s ways to check your results online. If you fail to Check Your SSC Exam Result Online, Check Your Result from Your Mobile phone by sending an SMS to 16222.

First, Make sure that you have sufficient Balance in your Account to send the Message. Then, Go to the Handset Message option and type, SSC <space> DIN <space> SSC Roll <space> 2021. After sending the Message in the Right Format, The Full Name and GPA will be received through an SMS from 16222. The whole system is powered and controlled by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited.

SSC Result 2021 Rajshahi Board:

The SSC Result 2021 Rajshahi Board can be checked fast and free from the EducationBoardResults.Gov.BD. While you will Visit the Link to check your Rashi Board Result, Just Select SSC/Dakhil from The Education Category and Then Select Rajshahi Board. Then Enter the Require Data and then click Submit button to Show Your Result.

You can also Check Your Rajshahi Board SSC Exam Result 2021 by Mobile SMS. Go to the Message option and Type, SSC <space> RAJ <space> SSC Roll <space> 2019. Then send the message to 16222.  After Sending The Message, You will Receive Another SMS with Your GPA. Details Result will be Received after 6 PM.

SSC Result 2021 Sylhet Board:

Are you looking for ways to Check SSC Result 2021 Sylhet Board? If yes, Here is the Genuine info with the Complete Guideline about the Sylhet Board SSC Result. Just Visit the Education Board website and then click the Result Button to Visit Custom Result Server. Then follow the instruction to Check Your Sylhet Board SSC Result 2021.

If you want to Check Your SSC Exam Result by Mobile SMS, You need to send an SMS easily from the Mobile Phone you are using. Just go to the Message option from your Handset and type, SSC <space> SYL <space> SSC Roll <space> 2021. Then, Send the Message to 16222. While you will send the Message, You will be charged 2.44 TK and Receive an SMS with Your Result.

SSC Grading System and Point Table Making Ways:

The SSC Result 2021 Bangladesh will publish through the GPA that means Grade Point Average. The GPA is included under the Letter Grade. That means, that Grade A contains a Minimum GPA of 4.00 and a Maximum GPA under 5.00;  If an Examinee gets a GPA of 4.63, he/she will detect it as the Grade and if the same Examinee gets 4.00 will also detect as the A Grade. So, the Grade point is currently unvalued and currently, everybody provides priority to the people with the highest GPA. Get the detailed information about the GPA from the below.

Letter Grade Name Grade Point Average Marks Within
F 0.00 0 to 32
D 1.00 33 to 39
C 2.00 40 to 49
B 3.00 50 to 59
A- 3.50 60 to 69
A 4.00 70 to 79
A+ 5.00 80 to 100

SSC Result 2021 Education Board Bangladesh:

The SSC Examinee, Guardians, and the others People who want to check their SSC Result 2021, SSC Vocational Result 2021, or the Dakhil Result 2019 Under the Education Board Bangladesh, can directly Visit the Education Board Result Archive Official Government Website. Do you know the Link where the SSC Result 2021 is Available?  The Education Board Results BD Official Web Link is But the Examinee or another person can follow another (Alternative) way to check their SSC exam Result 2021 from the Internet.

You can directly check your SSC Result BD from your Education Board official website. Just visit your Education Board official website and click on the Result Tab from the Menu bar or the right Site Tab. Then, Click on the SSC Result and provide your Information to check your Result. To save your valuable time, we are providing the All Education Board Bangladesh Official Website Link.

Name of the Education Board Education Board Official Web Address
Dhaka Education Board
Chittagong Education Board
Sylhet Education Board
Rajshahi Education Board
Barisal Education Board
Jessore Education Board
Comilla Education Board
Dinajpur Education Board www.dinajpureducationboard.govbd
Madrasah Education Board www.bmeb.govbd
Technical Education Board

SSC Result Mark Sheet Download:

After the SSC result 2021 publishing, you can download your Full Mark Sheet from the Internet via SMS, Online, and Mobile Apps. If you want to download your SSC Full Mark Sheet 2021 on your Mobile, Just wait until 2 PM of the Result Publish date. Then go to The Message option and type the SMS Format which you have sent once to check the SSC Exam Result 2021 by Mobile SMS. After Successful sending, You Will Receive a Message instant from 16222 with your Full Mark Sheet which means Subject wise mark Sheet.

If you want to download SSC Full Mark Sheet 2021 web version, you need to Visit the Education Board Bangladesh official Website Result Portal and require providing all necessary information. After Visiting or, Select the Education type, Education Board name, passing year, Enter Roll Number, and click and follow these steps. Then, you will show your Full SSC Mark Sheet. You can save or Download or Print the Mark Sheet easily.

With the Same System as the Education Board Bangladesh Result Archive, You are also eligible to download your SSC Full Mark Sheet from the Android mobile Apps. This process is the same as the SSC Result 2021 Full Mark Sheet download from the Internet. So, no more information is required about the SSC Full Mark Sheet 2021 by Android Apps.

How To Check SSC Result 2021 Video Tutorial


SSC Scholarship Result 2021:

After publishing the SSC Exam Result 2021, some days later, you will get the SSC Scholarship Result 2021. The Ministry of Education Board Website’s and the Education Board official Web Sites will provide the list of SSC Scholarship Result 2021. You can check your Roll Number which is available or not in the Merit List for Receiving the Scholarship. This is our Pleasure to inform you that, we will add the SSC Scholarship Result 2019 on this Page for our Valuable visitors. You can come back again here to check your Scholarship result 2019 of SSC.

Without the Government Scholarship, The Brilliant SSC Examinee 2021 will also receive Scholarships from various organizations like the Dutch Bangla Bank Limited, BRAC Bank Limited, STE, and many others. Keep Your Eyes open for checking the SSC Pass Students Scholarship Circular 2021. You can also get the Form and conditions of the Scholarship here.


We are now in the final session of this content which is about SSC Result 2021 Bangladesh. We hope you have successfully understood the Result check system. You can check the Result easily with our guidelines once the Result will be published online.